Caterpillars (Babies 0-14 Months)

Staff to child ratio: 1:3

At Greenfields Nursery we follow the “Birth to Three Matters Framework” in orderGreenfields Nursery - Babies to help plan exciting and varied activities. Our babies are given experiences according to their needs. The baby team focus on activities and learning opportunities to encourage their development. Babies learn by exploring through their senses with smells, sounds, singing, games, cuddling, talking and lots of physical contact. We encourage skills such as crawling, standing and walking.

We fully support and work closely with you to follow your baby’s home routine as closely as possible to ensure an easy home to nursery transition. A quiet and relaxed room is also provided for your baby to sleep and relax. When babies are 14 months old (depending on the baby’s development) they then move to the toddler department.