In Greenfield Newsletters


Our Breakfast / After School and Holiday Club is in full swing and proving very popular with the children.  We drop off and pick up children at High Cross, Mt. Pleasant, Ty-Isaf and Rogerstone Schools.

Before school we ensure the children have a healthy breakfast and start to their day.

After school the children have a tea time snack.

Drinks are available throughout their time at the Club.

Various activities take place including the very popular competition between the children on the Mario Kart on the WII.

As the children are of an age where they can readily express their opinions, we ask them what activities, food and drink they prefer and do our best to accomodate them.

During the holiday Club period the children love to visit the local library, go on nature walks on the field next to the nursery  and visit the Welfare Grounds where they can play either on the playground equipment or have their own games on the very large field.  We hold theme days of the children’s choice i.e. Cupcake day, Dinosaurs day, nature day etc.  Holiday Club is FUN.