Health & Safety

Greenfields Nursery - Health & Safety All our staff have up to date DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) certificates meaning they have had all the necessary checks to ensure they are fully able to look after the children in their care to the highest standard. We carry out our own monthly employer checks using the online DBS service to ensure all staff are fully safe to care for our children.

All our staff also have up to date Safeguarding Awareness training to ensure they are able to keep the children in their care safe and also that they know what to do if they have any concerns with any of the children.

All staff also have up to date Food Hygiene certificates and these courses are renewed every three years. Staff are responsible for ensuring their area and equipment is safe. Equipment is checked daily and throughout the day. The equipment we provide is safe and age appropriate.

Whilst every care and attention is taken, no responsibility can be taken for cuts and bruises etc. accidentally received. All accidents are recorded in the accident book and in the child’s individual file. We will contact you during the day if your child has an injury so that you are kept fully informed and updated.

Greenfields Nursery - Health & Safety In the event of a medical emergency involving a child whilst in the care of Greenfields or in the case of a serious accident requiring immediate medical attention we will endeavour to contact the parent as soon as possible. Where this is not possible or where time is of the essence we will seek medical attention, advice or treatment for your child as appropriate.

In the event of an emergency we may need to evacuate the premises. Evacuation procedures are carried our every 6 weeks to ensure the children and staff act calmly and quickly. Plans are in place to ensure a safe evacuation is carried out. We will contact you to arrange collection of your child from the breakfast/afternoon/holiday club building if it is not appropriate to return to the main building.

The nursery follows the Infection Prevention and Control in the Early Years Setting – All Wales Guidance procedures. This is a NHS-Public Health Wales and Welsh Assembly Government document aimed at providing best practice guidance with regards to infection prevention and control practices.

Greenfields Nursery - Health & Safety The nursery is cleaned daily with cleaning products and equipment that meet the standards required by environmental health. Fortnightly deep cleans are also carried out to ensure that we maintain our excellent standards in cleanliness.

Maintenance is carried out by the owners or outside contractors hired depending on what work is required to be carried out. All electrical items are PAT tested and the Boiler and Central heating systems are tested annually. The Food Standards Agency and the CIW carry out an inspection annually. The fire alarms, fire equipment and security alarms are tested every six months.

We follow the exclusion guidelines from Public Health Wales and the WPPA

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