In Greenfield Newsletters


people-who-help-us2-prevBumble Bees are covering the topic ‘People who help us’.  We visited the local Post Office at Rogerstone Village earlier this week.  We posted a letter to ourselves and we are eagerly waiting for the Postman to deliver it through our door.  Nurse Hayley visited us yesterday and showed us what she carries around in her nurse bag.  She showed the children how to use a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor and thermometer.  She also showed us how to put on bandages and plasters.  Nurse Hayley told us about the different coloured uniforms people wear in the hospital so we know that someone is a Doctor or a Senior Nurse or a Specialist Nurse.

Other ‘People who help us’ are going to visit later this month.  The Fire Service and Police and we may go on a walk to the bread factory.


bed8f994-3391-4105-8358-3f5de02320e2 Dragonflies, Ladybirds and Butterflies are covering the topic ‘Disney’.  This week we visited Alice in Wonderland and today we had great fun at the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’.  We danced a lot and jumped up and down and had ‘mad’ party food and made our very own ‘mad hats’.  We found Nemo last week and the next few weeks we will be covering Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Minnie and Mickey Mouse.


open-golden-chocolate-box-brown-ribbon-60374579Caterpillars have had lots of fun crawling around with the mini-beasts in their room.  The babies have enjoyed being creative and making lots of caterpillar prints with their fingertips and butterflies with their hand and foot prints!