Bumblebees (Preschool 3+ Years)

Insects-02Staff to child ratio – 1 – 8

Our preschool children use their increased confidence, physical skills and inquisitive minds to search for and find the answers to lots of different questions through a variety of activities which creates a desire to think for themselves.

Our preschool children work to topics, some of which are chosen by them and some by the preschool team. We follow the Foundation Phase for children’s learning. The Foundation Phase is a skilled based curriculum for 3-7 year olds which encourages children to be creative, imaginative and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.

Children will be given opportunities to explore the world around them and understand how things work by taking part in practical activities relevant to their developmental stage. They will be challenged through practical activities and develop their thinking with open-ended questions. Children will be encouraged to explore concepts and share ideas for solving problems.

The Foundation Phase has 7 Areas of Learning which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.

The Areas of Learning are:

• Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity

• Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

• Mathematical Development

• Welsh Language Development

• Knowledge and Understanding of the World

• Physical Development

• Creative Development.