Toddlers follow “Birth to Three Matters Framework” in order to help plan exciting and varied activities and to begin to use and teach them through the Foundation Phase. This allows a gradual introduction to the Foundation Phase for the children.

Butterflies (Young Toddlers 14 months – 23 Months)

Staff to child ratio – 1:3

From the age of 14 months onwards your child will start a gradual move to our younger toddler department. Here your child will experience a wider range of activities including learning through play with materials such as sand, water, play dough, printing and painting. This is an exciting age as funny and inquisitive personalities are beginning to develop and grow.


Ladybirds (Toddlers 23 Months – 2.5 years)

Staff to child ratio – 1:4

With growing independence, and with their unique personality beginning to shine, children are ready to start developing, social, self-help and life skills. In the older toddler room, we support these skills with activities such as toilet training, dressing skills, free play exploration and shared meal times where children are encouraged to feed themselves.

In older toddlers we begin to introduce a more structured day helping the children to achieve independence, knowledge and confidence in their abilities.

Dragonflies (Older Toddlers 2.5 Years – 3 Years)

Staff to child ratio – 1:4

Our Transition Room is for older Toddlers who are almost ready to move up to Preschool. It allows the children to gradually experience the Preschool environment without leaving the Toddler Department. The children use their own room for daily routines with the benefit of joining in with Preschool activities. This gives them the confidence they need for a smooth transition to their next level.